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Tax Gnome is the tax planning tool for Xero users. Being well informed of your tax position and what payments you can expect, keeps you ahead of the game.

Tax Gnome offers your business an affordable new software solution for managing your businesses tax requirements.

Tax Gnome allows you to easily forecast and make provision for your tax requirements on a day to day basis, using Xero.

Tax Gnome easily helps you eliminate the worry associated with on-time tax payments and helps prevent late payment penalties and interest.


Tax Gnome also immediately provides you with productivity improvements thanks to instant access to all your tax data "at the click of a button".

Using Tax Gnome with Xero

Tax Gnome updates daily with your latest data from Xero to provide an up to date projection of your tax and GST position.


Peace of Mind

Combined with the power of Xero, Tax Gnome gives you and your business peace of mind. At any time you can check what your tax position is. To keep Xero up to date you can journal your tax into Xero.

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Tax Gnome for You


Customise Tax Gnome to suit your companies tax profile. You can choose the appropriate frequency for provisional tax and GST. You can configure tax profiles to allow for personal tax settings. This combines to create a dashboard view of future tax requirements which means you know what you need to save for your tax.


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About Xero

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Try Xero for Free

To get started with Tax Gnome and Xero, register a Tax Gnome account, enter your payment details or voucher code and press the "Sync New Organistion" button. Learn more here.

Once set up Tax Gnome syncs with Xero every 3 hours to keep your Tax data up to date. Tax Gnome syncs your:

  • Profit and Loss Report

  • GST Returns

  • and Journals

To provide you an accurate estimate as possible.

Tax Gnome can also write

  • Journals

  • and Accounts


back into Xero to record the tax expenses we calculate.

Data Flow to and from XERO 05 June 2019.