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7. Journals


Clicking the Journals tab will take you to the Journals Page. From here you can write and void journals from Tax Gnome into Xero.


Clicking the "Export Tax Journals to Xero" button will export the monthly tax expenses Tax Gnome has calculated under a new account to Xero.

The journals will have expense and liability lines. The expense lines will be under the accounts TAXEXP(YEAR) and the liability lines will be under the accounts TAXLB(YEAR). For example, in 2019 the accounts would be TAXEXP2019 AND TAXLB2019.

Clicking "Void Tax Journals in Xero" will void all journals Tax Gnome has exported to Xero.

This page can only be accessed if you are connected to Xero. If you are not you will be directed to connect to Xero.

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