Key Features of Tax Gnome - For the technically minded

Tax Gnome:

 - is an effective cloud based tax management, forecasting and reporting solution.

 - has been designed to enhance interaction between tax advisors / taxation professionals, their AIM and non AIM business clients, and Inland Revenue

 - is in the business of simplifying and reducing the cost of tax compliance for SME’s and Tax Professionals - ensuring on time payment of tax, and the elimination of penalties and interest costs etc

 -  is a digital tax platform designed to provide dynamic and immediate tax advice for both tax professionals and their customers.

 - delivers easy tax compliance & tax awareness and avoids penalties and interest costs.

 - allows you to plan and manage your clients taxation requirements in a pro-active manner through integration with online accounting packages

(i.e. XERO to IRD)

 - is designed to comply with Inland Revenue’s AIM requirements –  Tax Gnome allows users to file their own AIM returns

 - takes the very latest up-to-date accounting information to project future tax obligations, with options to journal back the tax planning data into the accounting packages for more complete financial reporting