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FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions:


What is Tax Gnome and how does it enhance XERO?

Tax Gnome acts as a "Plug In" to XERO and uses your financial data to calculate and predict tax obligations. This is displayed both on your Tax Gnome dashboard home page and in the reports.

By adding this Tax Gnome service to XERO, we have enabled you to more closely monitor and manage your tax obligations.


Profit and Loss Reports in Tax Gnome, as an example, will now carry your tax position under the normal XERO P & L detail.

This report can be journaled back into XERO if required.

How do I connect to XERO?

Register your new organisation from the Tax Gnome home page.

then select the Sync to XERO tab and login to your XERO account.

Then when data has been sync’d set up your Tax Gnome business profile in the Organisation tab.

How can I add or remove users to my Tax Gnome organisation? 

​​If you are an Organisation Administrator you can add users in the Role and User settings Tab in the Settings Menu.

Tax Gnome administrators can easily add or revoke users’ access by going to the "Organisation" and " User Settings" tabs and adjusting the user profiles as needed.

When and how does data synchronisation occur in Tax Gnome? 

​Tax Gnome synchronises your XERO data immediately upon initial registration and set up.

Subsequently Tax Gnome automatically synchronises with XERO on a 3-hourly cycle.


If you have added new data into XERO, you can easily manually sync the new data into Tax Gnome by selecting the Sync Tab and selecting “Manual Sync”.  


Do I need to refresh to see current XERO information in Tax Gnome? 

No, Tax Gnome synchronises your data on a 3-hourly cycle.

Can I manage several Organisations under one Tax Gnome account?

​Yes, you can manage any number of Organisations under one Tax Gnome account. You can switch between organisations under your account easily.


In the top right of the Tax Gnome application you can access your organisations.


Do I have to Logout and Login again to select information for another organisation I look after in XERO?

No. To move between business organisations, just select the drop-down box at the top RIGHT of your home page and select the business or organisation that you wish to work on next!

How do I disconnect from XERO?


You can disconnect on the Sync page by pressing the blue disconnect link. If you cannot see this link you are not connected.

You can also disconnect from Tax Gnome from inside Xero. To do this go to your Organistion settings, select Connected Apps and press the Disconnect App button next to the Tax Gnome application. For more details click here.


Do I have to login every time I change the selected business; I manage from

Tax Gnome?

No. Once you have logged in for the first time, unless you log out, you will be an active Tax Gnome user for all the relevant organisations you control for as long as your session is in progress.


Tax Gnome allows a user who is managing multiple companies or clients to sign in once - and manage all the relevant organisations.

Only those users who have been set up to manage specific businesses or organisation by your administrator can login to access and manipulate those businesses or organisations data.​


How can I change my Tax Gnome password?

​You can change your Tax Gnome password simply by selecting the “Forgot your password” link on the login page.

​​Why doesn't my historic GST data look the same as my XERO returns?

​Our system is designed to give an indicative GST figure to help and guide you to you save for your GST payment rather than a final filing figure.

Final actual figures will differ because of factors such as the GST basis you are registered for.


How can I check the organisations tax position (Past, present and predicted)? 

Tax Gnome pulls down data from your XERO account and the dashboard of Tax Gnome will constantly show the very latest results and any relevant adjustments.

This is also true of the Reports options.


Can I pay my tax to the IRD using Tax Gnome?

Not currently but the gnomes are working to bring you this option later this year!


Do I need a tax number (IRD) when setting up the organisation details in Tax Gnome? ​


We encourage you to enter your organisation’s IRD number as a matter of record. It does not affect any calculations.

Why does my tax savings suggestion line in the Tax Projections Report look different to what might be expected?


Tax calculations are taken from the coded transactions in XERO.


Make sure your XERO data is all up to date before getting information from Tax Gnome.


If you have any unreconciled bank transactions, or there is an unreconciled high value transaction, or not all your invoices and bills have been entered, then these will not be included in the calculations.


Does Tax Gnome work for an organisation with a financial year end 31 December?


​Currently we only support financial years starting at 1 April. We are working on this enhancement currently.  Keep an eye out for this and other enhancements, due shortly.

AIM Questions


Can I file an AIM return with Tax Gnome?


This enhancement is due to be released later this year.

The AIM process is finalised. We are now working on the payments process.


The end result will be that you will be able to manage your AIM filings, and set up and transact payments to Inland revenue from within Tax Gnome


The gnomes are working very hard to bring this feature soon.


Can I use AIM as my preferred Tax return method?


If Aim is your preferred option for filing provisional tax, then go to the “Organisation” Tab, select “Settings” then go to the “Provisional” TAB and select the AIM option.

One word of caution, please make sure that AIM IS your preferred option, as once you have confirmed aim as your preferred option, then there is no option to revert to Provisional Tax filing.

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