8.5. Forecast Method Tab.

Click on Forecast Method to select the preferred Forecast Calculation Method (Linear or Moving Average) and the Moving Average month count you prefer


(i.e. 1, 2, 6, or 12 months etc).


The default is Linear based on 4 years data or the first date of data if less than 4 years.


If you wish to smooth the projections, select Moving Average and chose number of months required to calculate your projections.


Then click on “Save” (Lower right-hand side).

You can "roll back" the date we estimate data from in Tax Gnome from the current date if you have not brought your data in Xero up to date. (You may have invoices you need to enter, etc).


This can be done through the Estimation Month Lag setting.


The value entered here determines how many months ago we start estimating from.


For example: If the current month is June 2019, you can enter a 2 here and we will start estimating your financial data from April 2019.