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6. Set up XERO Integration and Sync.


To sync with your Xero organisation, click on the Sync Tab in the Navigation Bar. This will take you to the Xero Sync page.

7. Sync with XERO.png

If you have just created a new subscription in Tax Gnome you will be directed to this page to initialise your organisation's connection to Xero. If this is the case the screen will appear as below.

7.2 Sync with XERO.png

Clicking the Sync new Organisation button will prompt you to sign in to Xero.

7.3 Sync with XERO.png

Once you have signed in to Xero you will be prompted to select the Xero organisation you wish to sync with. (If you only have one Xero organisation this step will be skipped).

Xero Organization Selection.PNG

Press "Allow Access" to initialise your connection to Xero. Once set up, syncing with Xero is an automated process and occurs every three hours.

Once you have initialized your connection to Xero the Sync page indicates if you are currently connected to Xero.


If you are connected the page will look like the following image. You will be able to disconnect from Xero on this page by pressing the blue disconnect link. You can press the manual sync button to immediately pull data through from Xero.

Connected Xero Page.PNG

If you are not connected to Xero the page will look like the below image. You will be able to re-connect to Xero by pressing the connect to Xero button.

Disconnected Xero Page.PNG

You can also disconnect from Tax Gnome from inside Xero. To do this go to your Organisation's settings in Xero.


Select "Connected Apps"


And click the "Disconnect App" button next to Tax Gnome.

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