7. Set Up XERO Integration - Sync (Synchronise with XERO).



7.1 How to Sync with XERO


Select the Sync Tab – as noted below.



Sync with XERO.png

Then:  Select the Connect to Xero button:        

Connect to XERO.png

You will be taken to the Xero Login Page


 Login as normal – Or if you are a new customer, follow the instructions at the foot of this page “Don’t have a login? Try Xero for free”.”

7.3 Sync with XERO.png

Complete the registration process with XERO.


You will then be encouraged to “Sync new Organisation”

Sync new organisation.png

To initially set up to synchronise with your XERO organisation, click on the Sync Tab in the Navigation Bar to open this link, as noted above.


The link will provide the option to “Sync new Organisation”, click on this button and the Xero login prompt will appear. You should sign into Xero using the username and password of the organisation you wish to link with, and then click login to commence the connection.


Click on Connect to Xero to commence synchronisation.

7.3 Sync with XERO.png