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10.1 Income and Expenses Graph

The Income and Expenses graph shows your past 2 years of financial history (and tax obligations) and our predictions for the next 13 months.

Click on the Income, Expenses, Tax and GST viewing buttons to include or exclude viewing these items on your graph.

By hovering the mouse over any selected month, you can see the values for Income  (blue, Expenses (taupe), Tax (red) or GST (green) for the period you select.

You can use the scroll bar to move backwards or forwards in time. Tax years are separated with a white dividing line.

The dark coloured bars indicate actual data calculated from your financial history in Xero. The translucent bars indicate predicted data.

The Tax (red) and GST (green) bars indicate the amount of  Provisional Tax and GST accrued over a month.

10.1 Income & Expenses Graph 1.png
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